下着メーカーに就職したら男はボク1人でまわりは巨乳過ぎる女子社員だらけ!さらに社内で下着姿になるのは当たり前らしく目のやり場に困ってしまい勃起しまくりです!!当然勃起していたら女子社員に見つかりヤバいと思っていたけど女子社員たちは怒るどころか逆に興奮気味… モザイク削減

I’m the only guy who works for a lingerie manufacturer and I’m surrounded by female employees with big tits! I was also having a hard time keeping my eyes off of them because it was common for them to be in their underwear in the office, and I was getting erections all over the place! Naturally, I thought I’d be in trouble if the female employees found out I had an erection, but instead of getting angry, they got excited… Reducing Mosaic

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