JAV Order Service

If you have been looking for a specific Japan AV,please Leave a Reply found at the bottom of the page,In the Comment field Type your demands, And we are going to help you to get it

You can specify which popular site(Google drive/MEGA/Baidu) you want to use for downloading the files.

And we only expect a small fee from you via alipay/Bitcoin

all film in special categories each cost $6.00 for got RAR  Password. you can use via alipay/Bitcoin,please contact us

286 Responses to JAV Order Service

  1. woaineishe says:

    Excuse me,AKIBA JAV’s everyone,do you have this video?

  2. Chagkrin says:

    I looking for Gaor-083 China Matsuoka and i would like to know about this price. Ty

  3. yoyo says:

    Hey JavAkiba, can you get this movie ?

  4. ML says:






    How much and i like to pay

  5. Yongbeom says:

    Pgfd006 I want to buy a product.
    How to pay Please email us.

  6. Yongbeom says:

    Pgfd006 I want to buy a product.

  7. hmhm says:

    do you have ?

  8. Tamama says:

    Looking for TURA-296

    payment option: Pay

  9. Jay says:

    Can i order
    I like to download with MEGA

  10. BB says:


  11. Alex says:

    ***-02 PLEASE

  12. Freddy says:

    I want

  13. Kevin says:

    slc-001 and slc-002 please

  14. Stef says:

    I am searching

  15. abcd1234 says:

    IAPB-020 please

  16. Ren says:

    Can I request?

  17. Ren says:


  18. thir3kung says:


  19. jay says:


  20. Touya says:

    Hi, I would like to purchase an HD title. Please let me know where to contact you.

  21. yui says:

    Hi, I would like to find
    Can you help me order?

  22. Ben says:

    HIKR-055 Password

  23. Prince says:

    Hi – how much for this jav

  24. ML says:

    I like to buy Tura-307 if you have it

  25. Albert says:

    order please for 2 titles

  26. whteriv says:


  27. Cjw says:

    I want neo

  28. Cjw says:

    I want

  29. abh1212 says:

    KQZW-001 request

  30. mmxth says:


  31. Malakei says:


    how much would it cost to get (not on your site yet).
    High video quality, payment.


  32. abh1212 says:


  33. Min says:


    Possible to get? Thank you.

  34. trumpa says:


  35. trumpa says:

    request ****-004

  36. xxxllll says:

    dmc 31

  37. Chris says:

    Can you get ?

  38. energyliger says:

    May I know the price of the following video and the payment by Payoneer?

  39. Xanthan says:

    Is it possible to get ? They are from the label.

  40. masterx says:

    please send pay link

  41. bill says:

    any plans for these?

  42. Cjw says:

    I want

  43. ML says:

    I want to pay for Kar-914

  44. TJ says:


  45. kopop says:

    How much? ^_^

  46. ML says:

    Do you have can I get it.

  47. Joshua Thong says:

    Hi I would like to order this dvd: Sddm-118, found here: https://www.arzon.jp/item_391707.html. Prefer mega for file upload.

  48. Suu says:

    pls MTOK-01

  49. Suu says:

    $6.00 OK
    pls send e-mail me.

  50. risk says:



  51. kopop says:

    I need Password and download http://javakiba.org//?s=BUR-388

    The file(BUR-388.wmv) you have requested require a premium account for download.

    Please another website download

    Thanks you :)

  52. Jav fan says:


  53. kkang says:

    6,000 kbps

    Can I get it?

  54. Troy says:

    Hi, would like ANX 91 and ANX 94

  55. KK says:

    Hello, will you have Baby Entertainment?

  56. rizk says:

    can you get

  57. reca says:

    Can I get?

  58. risk says:

    and payment is ready
    send me payment request

  59. cjw says:

    I want here link

  60. lol says:

    hi, can get?

  61. risk says:

    and I’m ready for payment

  62. Jizi says:

    hd format

  63. wmwaiman says:


  64. JENA says:


  65. Oscar Ofori-Brown says:

    PFGD-036 files
    i sent you an email

  66. boxset says:

    Hi. Can you get CAOS-046?

  67. cjw says:

    possible? I want

  68. reca says:

    Can I get ?
    send me the payment request plz

  69. risk says:


  70. zcqia says:


  71. CORRADO says:

    Use MEGA for download

  72. Odonkor says:

    Please upload WLLY 001

  73. Prince says:

    How much

  74. cratoia says:

    I want

  75. risk says:


  76. ChenLong says:

    HIKR-087 ANCI-026

    • JavAkiba says:

      HIKR-087 ANCI-026 = 2 titles = 2 rar passwords = 70 RMB

      alipay ok

      Please check your mailbox

  77. edward says:

    PP-138 alipay

  78. Δ_ says:

    Can you reupload please?

  79. Dan says:

    GENT-118 need pw

  80. mom says:

    i want a link of PP-167 or DLPP-167

    And i’m ready for payment.

  81. JC says:

    can you get HNF-016, HNF-041 ?

  82. cratoia says:

    Can you get?

  83. genie says:

    I want

  84. ver says:

    can I get in 1080p (FHD)?

    I have requested before several times .

    any payment will be prepared.

  85. ver says:

    please email me ASAP!!

  86. risk says:

    SFJ6-060 plz

  87. cratoia says:

    I want

  88. Δ_ says:

    Can you reupload please?

    How to pay? Alipay?
    Can you send me payment information to e-mail?

  89. javer says:

    can you reload

    [SAMA-044]SAFARI 004

    thank you very much

  90. mom says:

    Do you have PP-167?

  91. Sally says:


  92. Insomn says:

    Do you have?

  93. Bi5bo says:

    can you re-upload on mega or drive the entire “Doctor Harassment” series? id are: Gs-304 gs-305 gs324 gs-344 gs-364 gs-384 gs-444 gs-465 gs-485 gs-505 gs-524 gs-561
    How much for password for all 12?

  94. keng says:

    I want to buy OTD-010
    can you?

  95. keng says:

    thanks for your reply.
    I manage to solve it myself.

    • JavAkiba says:

      You are welcome

      If some video you want ,but don’t on our website

      Please you can send dvd’s No. or info link to our mailbox

      We will get back to you which you can order through us with the title list

  96. risk says:

    can I get ?
    AV maker is Sharila

  97. Shabondama says:

    Hello, can you get me?

  98. energyliger says:

    hello, I want to know the price of the following item.

  99. Roxas says:

    Hello, I need those items

    is it possible?

  100. YuanXiaoGao says:

    Hello, do you have MXPB-010 and MXPB-012?

  101. Martin says:


    I’m looking for


  102. nigimi says:

    do you have

  103. jizi says:

    Do you have

  104. wxkeyman says:

    Looking for JUVR-011, Thanks.

  105. Tianran Zhang says:

    i want buy


    want to download this movie with Baidu or Thunder

  106. Tianran Zhang says:


    I want buy it

  107. Tianran Zhang says:


  108. SP-215LES-025

    I want buy it.it is lesbian movie.
    I want to download this movie with Baidu or Thunder

  109. kandai says:

    I want buy DL video

  110. Lee says:

    Do you have sdde-065?

  111. Vaj says:

    VRXS-206 ?

  112. geevee says:


  113. SY says:

    Do you have ?

  114. kandai says:


  115. Spermania says:

    Hi, I’m looking for HEY-090, could you find it for me?

  116. mega says:

    MKZ-024 please reupload

  117. nova says:

    Hello, do you have SL-287?

  118. collector says:

    Hello. Do u have YAG-098?

  119. pharaohp says:

    do ypu have bbp-001-子宮妊娠美少女中出し-佐藤真奈-顔射-パイパン ? please

  120. siro says:

    Do you have OTK-005, OTK-006 and OTK-007 ?

  121. kode says:

    ANCI-021 + ANCI-026 best quality?

  122. maru says:

    can you get SSQ-04? thanks

  123. Jarequest says:

    Can you get SL-2** ?

  124. siro says:

    can you gets?


  125. xgu says:

    I would like to order cofd-003

  126. hotty says:

    Hello javakiba can you find this?

  127. Netbean says:

    Hi JavAkiba, did u have this? can get it?

  128. Netbean says:

    Hi JavAkiba, did u have this? can get it?
    This one have two(2) season

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