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Before you download MEGA links,please setup Chrome or Firefox or 360 to got Best  Download Speed,it don’t need any account!If you don’t want change your Browser , you  can just setup Automatically Download Tools MegaDownloader or  Jdownloader 2 or Mipony

MegaDownloader (portable)(Support

Jdownloader 2
(Support Extmatrix/Go0gle drive/

Mipony (Support

IDM (Support:Extmatrix/Go0gle drive/
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114 Responses to Automatically Download Tools

  1. David says:

    Please can you send me the password for the file APU-001?

  2. marumaru29 says:

    I want DJD-002, DSE-943, SIL-004

  3. abh1212 says:

    hi i want wcix-001

    i want pay payment

    I will buy video regularly

  4. 44DaveF says:

    Request password for UNKB-325

    Bitcoin payment

  5. chaotest123 says:


    need highspeed download link (baidu)and password. perfer bitcoin payment.

  6. jay says:

    tsms-057 and fsta-011.

  7. Nopi Wahyudi says:

    Password for MKZ-033

  8. heguy says:

    I want Password for KAR-927

  9. jostar says:


  10. seldane124 says:

    I would like the password for ISKF-004

  11. xuewei chen says:

    I would like the password for SL-167

  12. Wilson says:

    SL-158 please

  13. hellowes says:

    hello, I want KAR-386, your download link cannot use, please check, thanks very much

  14. simon_li821 says:

    i want

  15. Hint says:

    LTBA-002、LTBA-011、LTBA-013、LTBA-003 the download Link can not use.Please check.Thank you very much

    • JavAkiba says:


      LTBA-002、LTBA-011、LTBA-013、LTBA-003 = 4 titles = 4 rar passwords = 140 RMB

      when you payment done,we’ll send new baidu pan download links and rar passwords to your mailbox

  16. roh says:


    upload SABA-043, please.

    can I pay?

  17. xioki says:

    password for RGNF-001

  18. js0511 says:

    a few dead links here,would you please re-upload?Thanks very much!!
    [STAR-328]AV DEBUT A performing artist Hasegawa MIKU.
    [STAR-335]A mistress A MIKU teacher, much, H, a fact is told, and, A GE and RU (heart) Hasegawa MIKU.
    [STAR-288]National idol, lust and awakening,Yamakuchi riko
    [STAR-281]Whatever one in the dirty also makes in FERA, by all means, a camera look!Yamakuchi riko
    [STAR-296]National idol Crazy about each other (heart) cohabitation diary , Yamakuchi riko
    [STAR-256]School costume masquerade Super-minimal digital mosaic National idol Yamakuchi riko
    [STAR-255]A national idol and, Yamakuchi riko, I grumble, KO SOD descent! !, super-minimal digital mosaic Debut! !
    [STAR-261]My wife is national,an idol,Yamakuchi riko
    [SDDS-020]A performing artist Saori Hara SOD graduation.

  19. Greg says:

    Want to get the password for DRJ-14

  20. Conrad says:

    Hello…need password for IBW-037 with Amber Rayne

  21. rrrmm says:

    MG-008 MB-060 the download Link can not use.Please check.Thank you very much

  22. chenqisai says:

    I want to buy SL-303

  23. RayRay says:

    Could I get BGRP-010?

  24. Shy says:

    ISKF-014 please

    • JavAkiba says:

      ISKF-014 = 1 title = 1 rar password = 35 RMB

      alipay ok

      when you payment done,we’ll send baidu download links and rar password to your mailbox

  25. gnak says:

    pls can i get 露出 at nagoya drot-03

  26. gnak says:

    try sending it to this mail address also the other auto deletes mail after few hours

  27. spm9 says:

    We will contact you according to the instructions.

    I want to buy the password for the video “SL-279”.
    Please let me know how to purchase.

    The video data of “SL-279” has already been acquired.

  28. Phil says:

    I’ve been directed here. I want pp-059 but I need your Pal?


  29. Carlos Carrillo says:

    Can you create a store in AliExpress? I don’t know how to use AliPay but I know how to use AliExpress.

  30. vajolera says:

    COFD-002 pass plz

    • JavAkiba says:

      COFD-002 = 1 title = 1 rare rar Password = $10 USD

      when you payment done,we’ll send new download links and rar password to your mailbox

  31. Eddie Rodriguez says:

    Hey guys, why the wmv files from Extmatrix are corrupted?

  32. SigmaAlpha says:

    DVDES-011, if you have let me know.

    • JavAkiba says:


      DVDES-011 = 1 title = 1 rar Password = $6 USD

      when you payment done,we’ll reupload to and send new download links with rar password to your mailbox

  33. Daffa says:

    I want ARM-481 and where this payment for the film?

  34. HIE says:

    TS-012 Buy Password

  35. Roy says:

    There is another payment than bitcoin and alipay, i am non vpn user.

  36. Kakao says:

    I want ARM-481 please

    • JavAkiba says:

      ARM-481 = 1 title = 1 rare rar Password = $10 USD

      when you payment done,we’ll send new download links and rar password to your mailbox

  37. CW says:

    MB-175 with password.

  38. Weingarten says:

    I would like RAR password for DDSC-032

  39. Nisida says:

    Hello, I want DDSC-032 rar password, and pay by credit card.

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