Automatically Download Tools

Before you download MEGA links,please setup Chrome or Firefox or 360 to got Best  Download Speed,it don’t need any account!If you don’t want change your Browser , you  can just setup Automatically Download Tools MegaDownloader or MEGAsync or  Jdownloader 2



Download link [Direct HTTP Download]
(Important: MegaDownloader requires .NET 4.0)

Jdownloader 2
(Support Extmatrix/Go0gle drive/

IDM (Support:Extmatrix/Go0gle drive/
[Premium User Recommend]

Mipony (Support

18 Responses to Automatically Download Tools

  1. KL says:

    Need password for Zan-06 and MD-051

  2. tsa111 says:

    Need password for DVUMA-119

  3. Albert says:


    How much for this title please?

  4. Jack says:

    I would like to order, but i want to know the price first.
    Please tell me.

    • JavAkiba says:

      regular user use e-mail contact , Please check your mailbox and use e-mail contact

  5. lse says:

    want a “COFD-004” .

  6. David says:

    Please can you send me the password for the file APU-001?

  7. marumaru29 says:

    I want DJD-002, DSE-943, SIL-004

  8. abh1212 says:

    hi i want wcix-001

    i want pay payment

    I will buy video regularly

  9. 44DaveF says:

    Request password for UNKB-325

    Bitcoin payment

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