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784 Responses to Contact us

  1. wang hu says:

    i want the password for NFDM-169

  2. wanghu says:

    i have payed for NFDM-169

  3. yyy says:

    i want dasd-224
    how to pay

  4. nash says:

    sms 046 needed

  5. gillion says:

    i need passwords for:
    DIGI-117, BROWNIE 16
    DIGI-165, BROWNIE 14
    DIGI-080, hot chocolate 28
    DIGI-084, Erotic Diamond** RUMIKA・涼宮ラム
    FLAV-085, DOUBLE 5

  6. leechan says:

    결제하는법좀자세히 알려주세요

  7. Phan says:

    Pls give me a payment info of your webmoney purse (wmz).i want to pay for rar password of KAR-219.

  8. kvhile says:

    Do you have MEVE-010? I have been searching for it for a long time!

  9. CCLL says:

    need password of ptj-009 & ntj-004, how to pay by alipay

  10. jin says:

    已付款 需要VXXD-005的密码

  11. joeshakes says:

    URE-004 want the password

  12. peter2009 says:


  13. peter2009 says:


  14. wsdsb says:

    Hello, I have paid. May I have the password for ure-004 please?

  15. wsdsb says:


  16. samli says:


  17. samli says:

    MILF-302 password

  18. sobrosas says:

    Already Paid for BOMC-066 password. Need Password

  19. dosxueran says:

    Already Paid for GMED-029 password. Need Password

  20. dosxueran says:

    Do you have AGD-01?
    I have been searching for it for a long time!

  21. jojo says:

    arghhhhh i delete email whit pass to LHBR – 016 AND LHBR – 039 OF 20/09/2013 please reupload
    thank you

  22. faker says:

    i Already Paid for svdvd-349. send me password

  23. bubble says:

    im from indonesia how to pay US6 for aka-021

  24. goodWay says:

    searching for ifly-027, do you have that?

  25. Bob says:

    Looking for rct-566, do you have it?

  26. Zakk says:

    looking for NHDT-507…NHDT-834 and SDDM-522 on Ryushare. Any help would be appreciated thanks

  27. lucian says:

    looking for DGL-016…. can you upload it?

  28. princegardening says:

    I would like to buy password for 産婦人科医師盗撮映像流出 セックスレス人妻の我慢できない婦人病検診9- KAM-003.

  29. hngta3 says:

    i need password for SVDVD-284羞恥 新入生発育健康診断

  30. KAY says:

    I need DVDES-639 password
    how can I pay it?

  31. kevin says:

    Hi I want to buy the password for SMS-009.

  32. Ragi says:

    Mibd-627. Need this password.

  33. Latiff says:

    Want to buy movies ..

  34. Serg says:

    I want to buy rct-533 .

  35. says:

    i had email to you but no reply. please check my request.

  36. miantian707 says:

    but i can’t find it

  37. charles says:

    hi I want the password of sms035. please send me payment information (alipay)

  38. charles says:

    sms35 password

  39. PasswordPlease says:


    I sent you message to pay for two videos (SGG-012 / NBE-002). Hope you answer soon!

  40. J says:

    Hi. I sent you a message to pay for IENE 306. Please let me know your payment info.


  41. Jimmy says:

    Do you accept payment method? If so i’d like to buy about 6 titles

  42. Kyo1982 says:

    Hello JavAkiba,

    This post is regarding FSET101 under AKNR publisher. This video was posted on this website by the following link:

    However, one of the split file, FSET-101.part5.rar has been removed/deleted from Ryushare.

    Appreciate if you could just share this file only by reupload it in Ryushare as I have tried searching in other websites but to no avail it is nowhere to be found.

    Thank you very much

    Best regards,

  43. nani says:

    I need pass for fpjs-083


  44. don says:


    I would like to order
    絶技!病みつき回春エステ 波多野結衣


  45. kp says:

    Um could you please send me the payment info for DASD-221? I would like to pay for the password :3

  46. DIGI-160 says:


  47. *啸宇 says:

    just send you a mail about purchasing passwords for 1 movie!
    thx for your effort

  48. Jörg says:

    I would like the movies buy with

    have you: krmv-921 ?

  49. Jörg says:

    and please the preview images from KAR-348

  50. tim says:

    Pls send me payment info. and passpord for OPUD – 152, thanks

  51. tian says:

    OPUD – 152, i would like to ask payment info. and password.

  52. kiss says:


  53. PL says:

    SMS-051 password please

  54. Jörg says:

    hi, :)

    I want to buy these movies:

    thank you

  55. Jörg says:

    hi, :)

    I want to buy these movies:

    thank you

  56. PKH says:

    Want to by this one

  57. stina says:

    i wan to order KAR-386

  58. jörg says:

    hi, :)

    I want to buy these movies:
    thank you

  59. anon says:


    지불 방법을 이메일로 보내주시겠습니까

  60. steve says:

    trying to buy bunk-009 but i cant seem to be able to use webmoney, its saying the service is not allowed in U.S. Do u guys take by chance?

  61. Jörg says:

    hi, :)

    I want to buy these movies:
    thank you

  62. GDooby says:

    GAS-227 Password please

  63. anon says:

    i would like to have sms-051 pass

  64. wawoozzz says:

    Hi How can I get svdvd-349 password, 6USD how to pay?

  65. hyun says:

    iene-196 password please?

  66. DaniloV says:

    i send my info, when you contact me, for pay options

  67. Phil says:

    Passwords for VRXS-079, VRXS-113, VRXS-106 please?

  68. tzh says:

    Contact me for tcd131 please

  69. hyun says:

    결제 완료하였습니다.


  70. vicentezqh says:

    I would like SMS-055 and SMS-051, pay by dollars

  71. nick says:

    i want password of bobb-191

  72. Jörg says:

    hi, :)

    I want to buy these movies:
    thank you

  73. Harald says:

    I’m looking for EMPSC001, EMPSC002 and EMPSC101
    I want to buy these.



  74. jun says:

    EVIS-030 password?

  75. jun says:

    How to Payment ??

  76. jörg says:

    hi, :)

    I want to buy these movies:
    thank you

  77. 11251138 says:

    I want to buy these movies

  78. Yassop says:

    do you have nhdta-513?

  79. miantian707 says:

    I had email to you pls send me password HET 467 521 449 ATMD 155

  80. jörg says:

    hi, :)

    I want to buy these movies:
    thank you

  81. Jesse says:

    Hi, SHKD-217, SHKD-205,AKA-074,SHKD-232,SHKD-168
    5 pieces ready to pay and looking for FAD1868

  82. wshwyy says:

    I want use alipay to pay it(MUM-087).

  83. chen says:

    I want use alipay to pay ure-004

  84. Naoki314 says:

    Do you have SDMS-433? I have been searching for it for a long time!

  85. joerg says:

    hi, :)

    I want to buy these movies:

  86. Arcadia says:

    I want to buy these javs:herg-002,herg-009
    plz answer

  87. freeman5558 says:


    How to pay for passwords to you?

    Could you email me a clear procedure?

    Thank you.

  88. Nemo says:

    Can you upload cover and screencaps(thumbnails) of MVBD-052, SWF-126 and RKI-127?

  89. wesley says:

    how to pay of EMRD-051 ?

  90. Owen says:

    Hi,how to pay of krbv-182

  91. razgriz5218 says:

    Hi,how to pay of BOMX-072

  92. Jerry says:

    I’ve paid for SMS-013, and send me the password plz

  93. Nemo says:

    Can you reupload ID-023, GHT-510, VICD-203, PPPD-009? Do you have
    MIXS-003 somewhere?

  94. JOE WU says:

    WHEN DO YOU SEND password to me?

  95. ryououki says:

    i want to pay for sms-051.rar, how can i pay for it, best is alipay

  96. freate says:


  97. papaya says:

    i want to pay for SHKD-240
    how can i pay for it ?????

    please mail me back…..

  98. Jerry says:

    I have paid for SMS-054, send the pwd plz

  99. redfihs103 says:

    I want vicd-252 of password

  100. Hahaga says:

    I want NTJ-004 of password

  101. Will Caster says:

    want GFWN-002,by alipay

  102. robert says:

    want BNSH-007

  103. robert says:

    DEMS-006 i want

  104. Bann says:


  105. Bill says:

    Hi, please check my mail. I need TSP-106, and TSP-119.

  106. Toto says:

    Do you have cpm-50 cpm-51 cpm-44 cpm-54 ? I have reached these for a long time but no result

  107. Unitter says:

    Password of:

  108. MG says:

    hi want order this one C-1907

  109. ZeroSeventy says:

    Password to CRSS-005 please :)

    Also is there to pay

  110. aldk says:

    Do you have nhdta-516 ,hunt-833 ??

  111. Donkey says:

    Do you have MS-05 ザーメン大好きちんこじる娘4・日高ゆりあ?

  112. wesley says:


  113. Pat says:

    Hey do you have any female 寸止め/Suntome, where girl’s orgasm is stopped?
    I want all movies you have. Do you have list? I want to buy all female 寸止め/suntome movies. Thank you.

  114. Pat says:

    Hey how do I use payoneer? do you have ARM-040? thanks

  115. Pat says:

    do you have DJNM-01?

  116. stefan says:

    i send u email. but didnt receive ur reply

    i want to pay pass for anx-030.
    how can i pay it? and if u can, i want to pay using debit cos i dont have credit card


  117. Pat says:

    do you have MIST-018?

  118. Pat says:

    do you have HA-033?

  119. Pat says:

    What about KAR-251?

  120. dan says:

    hi. emailed you on CORE-014. I’d like to transfer money using payoneer as it’s hassle free.

    let me know

  121. Quteno says:

    Hi I request password to CRSS-005.

  122. AAA says:

    Interested in

  123. Pat says:

    please send me for RECA-046.
    how much it cost? upload bitshare. Thank you

  124. Pat says:

    please send invoice for RAN-048T. how much it cost. upload bitshare please.

  125. CellBlock says:

    Any chance for a re-up (on “Mega”) for – LADS-097


  126. CellBlock says:

    Are there any other options?

  127. Pat says:

    I sent email for RECA-046 ECSTASY AYUMI .

  128. M says:

    Password Needed for YRZ-084.part2

  129. Pat says:

    Hey how much for MIST-018? Thank you.

  130. Pat says:

    How much for cov00060? Thank you.

  131. jack says:

    I want to buy VRXS115 and VRXS127
    I have alipay

  132. jack says:

    Password Needed for vrxs 115 and vrxs 127

  133. Will says:

    Pls inform me the way to pay for DASD-221 on Alipay and pls repair the MEGA download link for that movie, thx

  134. wangh says:

    how can i pay for the vandr072

  135. Jerry says:

    send me the password plz, because I have paid for sma-588

  136. Rinke says:

    how can i pay for the mama-029

  137. Rinke says:

    how can i pay for the mama-026

  138. jome says:

    hi, password pls for KAR-018

  139. jyl says:

    can you refresh the BitShare mvsd209 link and give the price of the pass ?

  140. matts says:

    i need password for this video and i need your WMZ number, please reply asap.

  141. orange2 says:


    I need a password for jufd-328

  142. orange2 says:

    i payed now for jufd-328

    so how can i get a password?

  143. Mike says:

    Password of MVSD-203, VICD-252, VSPD-047
    3 passwords in total

  144. Nothing says:

    OPBD-088 please

  145. Nothing says:

    Hi! Receive email, but has problem!

    Part 1 not downloading, have a problem! (not enough disk space? 50gb free)!NgE0USzT!AceGhhhf0MKyYlKxElqCyznAiWJjv6twhU8pUkqxFqg

    I try again…

  146. Nothing says:

    Want RAR password for BXDR-004

    Thank you

  147. Tim says:

    Looking for GAS-322

  148. JaVDragon says:


    how can i pay for SDMS 595′s pass.

  149. 이도혁 says:

    결제 방법 알려주세요 한국말로

  150. Timm Nguyen says:

    How can I receive passwords for AP-100 and AP-040 Pls reply!

  151. pat says:

    How much for
    寸止め 18 生ごろしはヤメて!?
    Please send info. Thanks

  152. pat says:

    also send invoice for 美熟女寸止め焦らし狂い – DJNM-01  

  153. pat says:

    You uploaded but didn’t give me password. Please send. Thanks.

  154. pat says:

    how much for cnd0**? thank you.

  155. Fang says:

    I need the password of core-020.
    i’m in china.
    how should i pay?

  156. moobboom says:

    Do you have STC-***?

  157. jihao says:

    I want the password of this website,how to get the password and how to pay?thanks!

  158. myake says:


  159. jihao says:

    do you have the dlp67-04?

  160. Max says:

    In this forum there are several JADE videos:
    Can you upload those videos to this blog?

  161. Dave says:

    I would like to order

    Is it available to purchase?

  162. tohspans says:

    I just paid US for password.
    I’m still waiting for it…
    Regards. tohspans

  163. says:


  164. Pumpkin says:

    need passwords…pay by alipay

  165. Uni says:

    need pass for dasd097 plz

  166. PS says:

    Hi. Do you accept trades? Let’s say: I want a DVD of an Idol from your site, if I send you another DVD from this same Idol that you can’t find nowhere else but buying, there’s any chance of you to accept this offer?

    Please, contact me if interested.

  167. leldd says:

    How do I pay for the cost of video

    I don’t understand how to go pay

  168. ryan says:

    can you tell me how can i pay for the password

    i want password about [ap-037]

    and plz explain on korean if you can thakyou

  169. Wen says:

    Do you have KBKD-1**3 and AV-** ??

  170. says:

    i want password about HFD-021

    HFD-021 = 1 title = 1 password = 35RMB?

    alipay ok?

  171. pat says:

    how much for beitc*** ? thanks

  172. Keith Tran says:

    Do you have any of these movies complete?

  173. Wen says:

    I’m looking for the following:


  174. kevin says:

    can you re-upload ytr-002

  175. Mazen says:

    Hey, did you get my question? Just making sure if you can send me the list.

  176. seo says:

    krmv-813 다운받고 싶은데 결제는 어떻게 해야 하나요??

  177. seo says:

    여기 사이트 회원가입하는 방법좀 알려주세요 그리고 한달정액제 같은것도 있나요??

  178. zakk says:

    hello I sent a list if vids im looking for. sorry if too many

  179. Timmy Nguyen says:

    I paid for HUNT-833, pls send me pass!

  180. Yassop says:

    do you know the name of this video? willing to buy it.

  181. Robie says:

    want to pay for PPPD-291_1080p, contact me via mail

  182. Harry says:

    I want ARMD-282 this time. I’ve finished payment and emailed you. Check your account plz.

  183. Timmy Nguyen says:

    Passwords for HUNT-790 and HUNT-794!

  184. Timmy Nguyen says:

    I paid for HUNT-790 and 794.

  185. Butch says:

    Looking for IENE-196, can you accpet payment from US customers?

  186. ko says:

    sb-001 password plz

  187. sturman says:

    Looking for CAD-****

    can you upload it?

  188. Varan says:

    I want the password for MGMA-016
    Where should I send 6$ ?

  189. Denny says:


    I need the password for “DDT-458″.

    Is it possible to pay ?

  190. YIGONG says:

    I wanna password for DPHN-182
    could u send me the payment info link

  191. elrasu says:

    need password for ddb 132 can i ?

  192. pat says:

    How much for LZAN-003? thanks

  193. jim says:

    I use alipay
    and I want NHDTA-540

  194. Neko-Neko says:

    Could you re-upload HPN-016? The mega links are down.

    Thanks in advance.

  195. ryan says:

    i want a password for nhdta 492

    plz notice me through an email payment

  196. ousaku says:

    how to pay for SMS-003 by alipay?

  197. bbsuperwai says:

    how do i pay for the password of MOBSND-036?

  198. ousaku says:

    how to pay for the password of SMS-003?

  199. 김평훈 says:

    gas309 암호 어떻게 지불?

  200. June says:

    I need JUFD-336 ,I’ll pay 35RMB

  201. June says:

    I’ve already finished payment, please check your account!

  202. steven zhu says:

    i wanna SB-001, TKS

  203. John says:

    May I have password for MD-010?
    could u send me the payment info link?

  204. Epsa says:

    Looking for password to CMV-028

    Can you send payment info (Payoneer). Would use the other methods but I can’t read Russian or Chinese.

  205. canna says:

    Do you have RM-006???

  206. canna says:


  207. cxj429 says:

    The password for ap-080

  208. shamoiw says:

    TCD-044 please send the payment info of Alipay to my mailbox.Thanks.

  209. Toby says:

    Want MRJJ-009 RAR password.

    Please send Payoneer details to my email. Thank you.

  210. toby says:

    Want MRJJ-009 RAR password

    Please send Payoneer details to my email

  211. daassaass says:

    Hi i want to order RGNF-001, how can i get it?
    link :

  212. pat says:

    got released. How much does it cost? Please reply.

  213. Ks says:

    send the payment to my email with MDOG-001 please

  214. bblyly says:

    krmv-105 tks.

  215. Tomson says:

    I have pay on alipay
    please sent the password of CHQ-004 + CHQ-005 + CHQ-011

  216. Txmsxn says:

    ello,I’ve paid for JUMP-2194,send me the password,please

  217. les says:

    need vvvd-070 password please ?

  218. hehe says:

    I want the password for hunt-882, can you send me an e-mail and tell me how to pay?

  219. yoo says:

    I want nhdta-516

    how to pay??

  220. yoo says:

    I want nhdta-516

    I did not receive an e-mail

    send it back plase

  221. iceza1989 says:

    I want DVDES-748

  222. OminousFlare says:

    Hi. I would like to purchase DVDPS-840′s RAR password. Would be okay? How do I make payment?

  223. H says:

    i want KAR – 506 password

  224. pat says:

    how much for? Thanks.

  225. elrasu says:

    i still have not receive the password for TDJM-013 MJD-024 TDMJ-098. i have paid already

  226. Mike says:

    I want KOOL-004

  227. KCKS says:

    I have leaved a message but still haven’t got your reply regarding payment for the AOZ-103 & AOZ-150Z. Normally I used payment, do you accept?

  228. sturman says:

    need a password for LEAD-032 and SAI-008

  229. JERRY says:

    Please send the info of payment to my e-mail for GAS-309

  230. caribbeans says:

    i want buy


  231. Samson says:

    I want to buy CHIR-004 ,

    Please sent me alipay payment info, thanks!

  232. haizy says:

    need pass for cat-332 rar

  233. kisswawa says:

    I want to pay for the code of core-016

  234. northsouth says:

    비밀번호 부탁요 결제 부탁요

  235. darkplay says:

    I need JUSD-278 plz send me alipay link

  236. WINN says:

    want to buy this ad-267, pls send me alipay link.

  237. Lumia says:

    need pass for herw-038

  238. Eddie says:


    want those passward

  239. YI says:

    STC 015 and SCR 091, thanks

  240. Jereme says:

    I would like the payoneer payment information for vrxs-109 please.

  241. Jay says:

    I live in US, how can I pay this?

  242. s871804 says:

    I had got your mail

  243. s871804 says:

    can i buy CLUB-054?
    i can’t use 支付宝 …

  244. ryououki says:

    I want WORLD-2002(父親子供孕ませ近親相姦

    Make a father child become pregnant, incest)

    plz give me your pay info of alipay

  245. ryououki says:

    I’ve pay for this password.

    plz send me passwd, thx

  246. name90000 says:

    give me password

  247. cg2308 says:

    Please send the info of payment to my e-mail for dse-1225

  248. Hans says:

    Password for KRMV105 pls. tks!

  249. ehrogy says:

    what’s your alipay account?????

  250. BLS says:

    Please send payment info for Payoneer. I need passwords for GAS-288 and GAS-304. Thanks

  251. hyperion says:

    please re-upload dbud-015 :) thank you and send me your payinfo plz.

  252. hyperion says:

    i am downloading dbud-015. please send me password.


  253. s00129211 says:

    Can I use to pay????

  254. wawoozzz says:

    Do you have SVDVD-***

  255. Mar Ch says:


  256. mj says:

    please send me password kar-534

  257. John says:

    Do you have FCDC-***? Thank you

  258. AAA says:

    HAVE QQ?

  259. Jordan says:

    need vandr 071 and vspds 526

  260. preform says:

    vrtm-032,vspds-633,kar-386,vspds-663please,use alipay.

  261. eric says:

    need gtal-002

  262. wufan says:

    I want HSL-006,please

  263. wufan says:

    I have contacted you, when will you send HSL-006 password to me?

  264. illust says:

    Password for ALKD-002. Thanks

  265. spaceghoster11 says:

    Please email me the instructions for paying my $6.00 to get the password for the rar file for SNYD-033. Thanks!

  266. lee says:

    svdvd-421 passward

    Payment please tell me

  267. THTH says:

    Hi I need password for APAR-039

  268. andy says:

    how to pay using webmoney,,, i need pass for grks-003

  269. Proki says:

    i already paid and replied u
    when can i get the password of mvmd030?

  270. aa1231511 says:

    I have paid,don’t forget to send the password to me !!

  271. dongxinyang says:

    DIV-104 I need it.

  272. jake says:

    pw for sms-071 please

  273. 333 says:

    i already paid and replied u
    when can i get the password of AP-106?

  274. alex says:

    plz send info of payment of QEDZ-047 to my mail

  275. wing says:

    already paid for ANX-047, kindly send the password, thank

  276. Talby says:

    Hi, I need the password for JUMP-1138 and MVSD-205

  277. cato says:

    how to pay by alipay?

  278. dbatra says:

    how to pay for password for nhdta-513

  279. Yx says:

    I want to pay for bobb-134. alipay pls

  280. wesley says:

    want to download this two, do u have ?

  281. dawei says:

    I want to pay for mdaz-005, please provide me alipay payment info.

  282. dawei says:

    I want to pay for mdaz-005

  283. dawei says:

    try this please.

  284. justin says:

    ive paid but yet to receive the passwords.

  285. tron says:

    I want order
    pay with wmz

  286. seo says:


    두개 살려고하는데 요금 얼마나 지불해야 하나요??

    • JavAkiba says:

      이전 사용자의 사용 메일 연락처
      사서함을 확인하시기 바랍니다

  287. kk says:

    결재 방법 부탁드립니다 cokd002

  288. taegoo says:

    Payment Please

  289. taegoo says:

    bought a kar-323

    However, the password is wrong

    Put me the password by email!

  290. taegoo says:

    it is not possible to download the krmv-346

    Download links and not blocked

    Please enables you to re-download

  291. SSkt says:

    I want DSE-1225
    and do you have?

  292. taegoo says:

    I want to buy five
    Please show the price ???

  293. Jeff Wong says:


    Please do you have the RAR password for KAR508?

    How to obtain that?

    thanks and hope to hear from you immediately. Tks again

  294. wing says:

    hi, already paid for ANX-031, yet to received password, kindly check your a/c, thank

    • JavAkiba says:

      when you finish payment,please email us again
      then we can check your payment and send password to your mailbox

  295. Woochan says:

    Hi, I need the password for BOMG-002_1080p.

    How to make payment? Can you pls email me the details?


  296. wfz says:

    Hi, I need the password for nfdm 369
    How to make payment?

  297. Negative says:

    Hi need password for QBD-046

    Pls send payment info to email

  298. JACK says:

    I want to buy POST-284

  299. aiso says:

    how to pay for password for dvdes-667

  300. liangyt says:

    I need POST-088 and KRMV-813 and KRMV-843.
    I will pay for you
    Thank you

  301. cesc says:

    i want to buy vspds-614

  302. nanshen says:

    I want to pay for OPUD-045 Alipay,please

  303. Wshm says:

    DVDES-711 plz

  304. chao says:

    I already paid send me ARM-072 password

  305. john says:

    can we to pay?

  306. DonkeyKing says:

    I want the ps of masd-017,how do I pay

  307. Jack says:

    Can i have a info please
    anyway SVDVD 220 please

  308. EOA says:

    i want the password for SDMU 083

  309. dexter says:

    i need password HAVD-654 plz

  310. JavAkiba says:

    ok,password send~

  311. laorenjia says:

    I am interested in cmn-131 and cmf-026. How much for me to pay for the password of the WAR files?

  312. JavAkiba says:

    please check your new mail

  313. JavAkiba says:

    check your mailbox

  314. terry says:

    Password of LPCD-0095..rar

  315. JavAkiba says:

    LPCD-0095 = 1 title = 1 password = 35RMB

    alipay ok

  316. Dan says:

    How to pay?

  317. JavAkiba says:

    check your mailbox please

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